Spherical Silicone Resin Powder

E+ lines are highly purified, discrete, spherical silicone resin powder for use in various industries. E+ is very conducive to various applications, such as optical, coating, and cosmetic industries. It has merits of inorganic powder, which has outstanding chemical stability and heat resistance and polymeric powder, which has soft touching, silky and creamy feeling. E+ endows applications with lubricating, light diffusing, and water repelling functions. ABC NANOTECH is supplying several types of E+ classified by their mean particle diameter from 0.8㎛ to 15㎛.

Material Information

  • Substance Name
  • INCI Name
  • CAS No.
  • EINECS No.

Main Function

  • Lubricant
  • Light diffuser
  • Anti-blocking agent
  • Delustering agent
  • Surface enhancer
  • Dielectric agent

Selection Guide


Ball bearing effect and spreadibility

The physical shape, round and smooth surface, makes E+ provide very good lubricity. Its lubricity enhances their spreadibility as well. E+ imparts silky texture to applications. Especially, bigger particle size of E+, such as E+ 710 and 715, has better fluidity. They flow like water.

High optical performance

The refractive index of E+ is 1.42. It shows different optical performance in the various resins or solvent (polycarbonate: 1.58, polystyrene: 1.59, polyamide: 1.53, polyethylene: 1.5, polymethyl methacrylate: 1.49). Generally, the higher ΔRI (RI of resin - RI of powder) is, the more manifest light diffusing is.

Soft focus effect

Especially in the cosmetic applications, E+ enhances the soft focus effect. The small particle of E+ makes light scattered and reflected back. This function brightens wrinkles and keeps face defects hidden optically. The light diffusing function of E+ reduces sharpness of makeup lines and enhances natural finish in applying cosmetics.

Perfect water repellency

E+ offers remarkable water repellency. It is applicable to various applications that required water proof property. E+ does not absorb water at all and shows the function permanently.

Easy applicability

Unlike other polymeric powder, E+ is very stable in the chemical formulation. E+ does not swell in the formulation. Due to the high heat resistance property of E+, customers can expect better quality of their applications, which require high heat temperature processes.