Amorphous, Spherical Silica Powder

SILNOS lines are discrete, amorphous, spherical silica powder for use in various industries. They improve physical and chemical properties of applications. SILNOS has three different lines and they have different characteristics. All SILNOS lines offer lubricating, oil controlling, and light diffusing functions. SILNOS 100 series are the standard grade of SILNOS. They provide balanced function between lubricating and oil controlling. SILNOS 200 series have a different optical function from other silica powder. They are not transparent after absorbing the oil because of the different light diffusing property. SILNOS 300 series focus on oil absorbing characteristics. They can control more oil and perspiration. ABC NANOTECH provides different grades of SILNOS classified by their average particle size from 3 ~ 9㎛ and average oil absorption degree from 80 ~ 250㎖/100g. ABC NANOTECH makes surface treated SILNOS to meet customers’ requests.

Material Information

  • Substance Name
    Silicon dioxide
  • INCI Name
  • CAS No.
  • EINECS No.

Main Function

  • Lubricant
  • Oil absorber
  • Light diffuser
  • Anti-blocking agent
  • Delustering agent
  • Surface enhancer

Selection Guide


Ball bearing effect and spreadibility

SILNOS gives very nice lubricity to various applications. Its lubricity enhances their fluidity and spreadibility. Especially for cosmetic application, it imparts silky feeling to applications, preventing cosmetics from agglomerating together.

Sebum and perspiration absorber

SILNOS helps cosmetics applications to absorb more sebum or perspiration. This function make users keeplight and fresh feeling longer. SILNOS 300 series is the most suitable grade for sebum control.

Soft focus effect

The small particle of SILNOS make light scattered and reflected back. The particle covers defects and wrinkles of skin and provides immediate effects on skin. The light diffusing function of SILNOS reduces sharpness of makeup lines and enhances natural finish in applying cosmetics.

Long lasting coverage

SILNOS 200 series have a different refractive index (1.42) from other silica (1.47). They will hide skin defects longer and keep matte finish because they are not transparent after absorbing sebum. Adding functional ingredients SILNOS can be a good solution when customers require multi-function powder. Due to the oil absorbing property, SILNOS can contain functional materials additionally.

Easy applicability

SILNOS is easily dispersed and blended in the formulations. ABC NANOTECH provides surface treated SILNOS in order to meet various customer’s demands. As SILNOS has excellent chemical stability and heat resistance, there is no limit on the production processes and applications.