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CORESH Philosophy

Based on accumulated know-how and technology in multiple years from the customers-centered perspective with “Realizing thinking as Technology,” we create the best results.

A product development company


For the past 25 years, We at CORESH have demonstrated technologies by providing services to various companies, including domestic and overseas conglomerates, mid-sized businesses, and venture companies.
Based on our global know-how recognized in Korea as well as foreign countries, we will make all efforts to implement competitive products that fulfill customers’ ideas and needs.
Based on our know-how and technology from product design, instrument design, working mock-up, molding, LPP, DPP, and MP, we provide entire processes of product development.

CORESH Services

Product development planning

  • Product concept and orientation
  • Benchmarking (structure, performance, function)
  • Coordinating product specifications
  • Holding idea meetings
  • Cost Analysis and Selection for Product Positioning
  • Scheduling projects

Product Design

  • Sketch ideas
  • 2D/3D Design rendering
  • Design Mock-up
  • Design Show

Device Design

  • Review of Structure
  • Component Design
  • BOM Configuration
  • Actual Cost Analysis

Circuit Design

  • Review of Circuit Specs and Product Features
  • Circuit Diagram Design
  • Working with ART WORK
  • Checking Various Test Items

Simulation Analysis

  • Analysis of Structure
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Revision and Update of Mechanical Drawings

Mock-up Production

  • Production of Mechanical Parts
  • Follow-up of PCBs and Parts
  • Revision and Update of Mechanical Drawings
  • Revision for and Update of PCBs
  • Summary of Specs of Exterior Items

Mold Production

  • Having a meeting with a mold maker
  • Revision and Update of Mechanical Drawings
  • Mold Production
  • DPP (Mold Prototype)
  • Testing (performance, electrical, environmental, durability)
  • Certification Testing


  • LPP
  • Mold Modification Considering Mass Production
  • Preparation and Support for MP
  • Post-maintenance

I promise you the best results.