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PLA Filter


PLA (Polylactic acid) Filter (PLA Mesh, NW)

degradable PLA material / PLA Mesh consists of 100% natural fiber, so when it is buried under the ground, it can become bio-degradable within one year.

  • PLA

    PLA fiber made of maize starch

  • Advantages of PLA

    Eco-friendly It can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water when it is discarded into earth or water.

  • Characteristics

    Non-petroleum-based synthetic fabric 2) It can be recycled naturally and does not emit pollutants.

  • Use of PLA

    Hygiene and medical treatment: diapers, sanitary pads, stitching fiber, gauze, etc,


  • Necessities of PLA

    As 'environmental campaigns' have actively spread across the world, European countries have imposed a tax on non-PLA packing materials or have made the use of PLA packing materials compulsory.


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