11 Acquisition of two(2) Korean companies as subsidiaries

U.S.FDA Registration (renewal)

Earned 'Good Design Prime Minister' Award

Participated in MEDICA International Medical Fair for eight(8) consecutive years

06 Established Curaco Japan, Inc. and registered for government supported sales product (start of Japan business)

01 Participated in ARAB HEALTH International Fair for seven(7) consecutive years


09 Earned 'Innovative Performance' for R&BD Project Comprehensive Evaluation (Ministry of Industry and Energy)

07 Acquired 'Korea Testing Certification' for cleansing and disinfecting (KTC) Earned 'Prospective Small and Mid-Size Export Company Certificate'

04 Signed Exclusive Distributorship Agreement with JWM in Korea

Obtained PSE Certificate (Japan) ISO9001, ISO14001 Registration

01 U.S.FDA (renewal)


11 Earned 'Industry Convergence Invigoration and Supply Diffusion Award' (Ministry of Industry and Energy Award)

10 Earned 'Certificate for Industry Convergence New Product Conformity'

09 Signed Distributorship Agreement in Japan (With, Ltd.)

04 Attracted 2nd overseas and domestic funds


12 Obtained 'Function Invention Reward for Excellent Firm' Certificate

10 Acquired 'Venture Company Confirmation Certificate'

09 USFDA Registration (First Registration) Designated for Japan 'Long Term Care Insurance' covered item


11 Attracted 1st overseas fund

10 Earned 'Prospective Small and Mid-Size Company Certificate'

08 Earned 'Green Certificate' (Ministry of Environment)

03 IP Star Company Designation


07 Formed partnership with KITECH


11 Participated in MEDICA International Medical Fair Germany)

05 Awarded 'Korea National Assembly Sharing Grand Prize' (Congress Knowledge Economy Chairman Award)

02 Obtained Europe's CE Certificate (First Certification)


09 Obtained KC Certificate


06 Company founded