Electro Galvanized Steel Sheets

Electro Galvanized Steel Sheets

It is a product that has high corrosion resistance by electroplating zinc with cold rolled steel (CR) material that contains less zinc coating amount than galvanized steel sheet (GI) but has uniform plating layer thickness, and beautiful surface, and contains mechanical properties of the cold rolled steel sheet (CR) because it is plated at low temperature.

Zn Plating

Various post-processing functions available, such as non-treatment, coating, phosphate, anti-fingerprint, and black resin are available, and are mainly used for home appliances.

Alloy Plating

Possible to select oil, phosphate, functional resin (fuel tank), etc. and be mainly used for automobiles.

Type of surface treatment

Type Features
Phosphate treatment It is applied to plated steel sheets that are used without any special pretreatment, and processability may be deteriorated due to deterioration of surface friction coefficient.
Chromate treatment Surface treatment to prevent white rust from occurring on plating surface but it must be immediately dried when it gets wet from the outside, and it should be carefully handled upon processing because it is not anti-fingerprint.
Anti-fingerprint treatment A surface and organic film treatment to prevent defects such as fingerprints and stains remaining on the surface during the handling or processing of plating products. It is excellent in processability.
Lubricant treatment It has excellent processability and has the same characteristics as anti-fingerprint steel plate.
Oil It is treated for the purpose of temporarily protecting the surface, and it has a great effect of suppressing white rust. To use by phosphate treatment, it may be oiled without treatment.
No treatment It should be used immediately after delivery because white rust may occur because surface has not been treated.