Optics Products

TOVA OPTECH not only produces and supplies various optical filter products, but also has signed an exclusive supply contract for optical filters and gratings from MKS (Newport), a global optical company in USA.
Optical filter products are used in precise medical measuring instruments and precise military weapon parts that require ultra-precision on errors.
Grating products are also famous as the world's top 1 quality Richadson brand and is supplied to precision analytical instruments.

Optical Filter

  • - Band Pass Filter
  • - Long Pass Filter
  • - Short Pass Filter
  • - Fluorescence Filter
  • - Dichroic Filter
  • - Colored Glass ( High Performance )
  • - IR cut Filter
  • - UV cut Filter


TOVA OPTECH CO.,LTD supplies Richardson Grating products of MKS (Newport), a world-class optical company, in Korea under an exclusive supply contract.